Where to eat?

I’m going to Disney world with a large group of at least 24 people. We will be fine with not all sitting together. We’re On The Deluxe Dining Plan ANS The Age Range Is 18 To 30

Biergarten would be fun with a large group. Book early and maybe call for large party booking assistance.

Not sure if they are still doing this but maybe try.

Making plans with a larger group?
We recommend parties of 10 or more use our complimentary service to set up My Disney Experience. Call (407) 939-7771 from 7:00 AM to 11:00 PM EST for assistance.

Good information here too!

Biergarten is on my list. My friends and I don’t need or want to sit together(;outside of our 4 person groups ) at most meals. We’ll have 10 day park hopper tickets and a 16 day trip. Two of the three meals per day will be group meal time. This means that all 8 of the 4 person groups are in the restaurant at the same time.

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Biergarten is community seating anyway. You will be sharing tables with other groups so you might as well make it your own group. It might be easier to break the other restaurants into 3 groups of 8 if you don’t mind being separated. Or maybe you want a bit of separation :wink: Finding 8 parties of 4 at the same/similar time in the same restaurant might be challenging. Except the math here is not working for me :confused:

Sorry I was still half asleep. 6 groups of four.

(I saw your other thread first :slight_smile: )

Be Our Guest is my rec. If you do lunch or breakfast, it is “seat yourself” so your groups can sit nearby or not as you please, and for dinner they’ll seat you. B/L are technically CS but if you aren’t concerned about wringing the best value out of your credit’s (I like dining plan more for convenience myself) it’s fun and the food is good.

Are you talking about 16 days times 2 sit down meals a day = 32 meals???
That is some serious planning time, are you the leader or do you have a travel agent because you are talking about a pretty major effort in time and cost.

I would take their advice about calling that group planning # to get some more information.
Better restaurants for groups would be large buffets/character meals/large restaurants so Tusker House, Crystal Palace, Hollywood and Vine, Ohana, Hoop dee doo Revue, Raglan Road to name a few. I’d think getting in somewhere small like Beaches and Cream would be next to impossible.

Our travel agent was able to get all 19 of us in for a 4pm Be Our Guest dinner on our first night in the parks this December. We are having opening dinner together and then doing a closing breakfast with the whole group at Chef Mickeys on our departure day. For everything else we are breaking off into individual families.

I’m working with a travel agent. We are planning character meals We don’t care about getting the best value for our credits Also some of our group may go over to Universal at some point in the trip .

Wow. That’s a lot of meals. Doing some 2-credit signature meals might help use those credits, especially if you think the group will get restaurant-fatigue after the first week.

You will also want to visit a few of the excellent resort restaurants. It’s going to be impossible to book enough restaurants if you only look inside the parks. For example, on one of your Animal Kingdom days you could go to Jiko or Boma at Animal Kingdom Lodge. On your Magic Kingdom days, you can travel by monorail to the Poly, Grand Floridian or Contemporary to their many excellent restaurants, or take a boat over to do the Hoop-de-Doo dinner show. There’s are lots of great options if you look outside the parks.

This is going to be a fabulous trip, and I hope you all have a great time.

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We’re actually planning on renting a car or two to make getting to resorts for meals easier.