Where to eat our AK day

We are traveling with a party who has both picky and not picky eaters. I have a breakfast for Tusker House which I was hoping to try. The other adults would like to have less scheduled breakfast meals (we have a BOG and Bon Voyage) I have a 9:35 Tusker House but am shooting to modify to 10:30 with the hope they will put out some lunch offerings while we are there. In a haste I scheduled 2 other TS meals today and now I need to decide what to do. I am, asking my party for suggestions, but am open for options. I have a Boma dinner but it’s at 6:45 so I am guessing we leave park at 6 and won’t be able to come back. I have a 4ish Rainforest Cafe. I have not tried the AK one but in the past I have eaten at the chain and it wasn’t my favorite. I was also considering Disney Springs, but I would hate to miss too much park time by leaving. We have a 7 yo and 10 yo along with 2 grandparents who are first timers. A party of 6!

Welcome! Ask anything & often! :grinning:

There’s nothing different about this one. If you haven’t enjoyed RFC in the past, you should skip it here.

If you are using Disney buses, you may need to leave before 6pm. (Depending on dates of your trip)

Disney Springs has A LOT of great offerings. Would your group be open to eating a little later? You can snack in the park and then head over there whenever you are ready. The restaurants in that area are open late.

Does it have to be table service? There are good quick service meals available too.

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I was going to recommend Flame Tree Barbeque for QS.


I can suggest we snack and eat later. I think there was a late one for Raglan Road.


It does not have to be, but we have the dining plan and that is our last park day and was trying to get use of my credit.

When is your trip? Modifying that Tusker house would be my suggestion.

November. We will be in AK on the 22nd. I have mouse dining set up for a slightly later time. I don’t want lunch or dinner afraid the food won’t meet the picky eaters needs.

There are plenty of offerings for picky eaters at lunch.

The Tusker house lunch has a nice variety? Is that what you’re saying?

I was too!

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That was one of our favorite lunches in November because both the picky and adventurous eaters were happy with what was offered.

Another vote for Tusker House! Traveled with a split of very picky eaters and not picky eaters and everyone was happy. plus the character interactions are great! Leaving during park time (especially with a large group) might take too much time. The Mara (QS) at AKL might also be a good choice for picky and not picky eaters.

We have a lunch reservation at Tusker House and a dinner reservation at Tiffins. We couldn’t pass dining at these two places.

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Update: We got a dinner reservation for Tusker House!