Where to eat near Animal Kingdom

Thinking of doing a resort table service meal on our Animal Kingdom day. Which resort is closest and which restaurant should we to for. we have a 4 and 6 year old, so nothing too fancy.

Animal Kingdom Lodge. Sanaa at Kidani is awesome. Lots of people also enjoy Boma at the Lodge.

Last year we took the resort bus from AK to Boma at AKL. Quick ride, fun atmosphere, and great food…even very picky DD loved it! Took the bus back to AK and then another bus back to our resort. We are planning on doing the same thing again this year!

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Jiko is the signature restaurant at AKL; it’s one of the best in WDW. Sanaa is one of my favorite non-signatures in WDW. Not a buffet lover, but Boma was very good. You can’t go wrong with any of them - just depends on what kind of dining experience you’re looking for.

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I’m wondering if you see a lot of animals out the windows at Sanaa at night?

You won’t see them once it’s dark unless you go to the night vision goggles viewing area, and you’d have to be lucky to see them then. Probably better to arrive early and visit the viewing area while it’s still light and then go to war.

I always go to Sanaa at lunch, so I can see the animals. Even without the animals, it’s an EXCELLENT meal, but to me the animals make it extra-special.

Boma is great. You could always check out the animals around AKL including the use of night vision goggles if you are there in the evening.

Missed the 4 and 6 year olds in the OP. As much as I love Jiko, I would NOT recommend it for litttles. Boma and Sanaa are both good options. If you want the AKL experience on a budget, Mara (the TS in Jambo House) is one of the better TSs at any resort (and I generally do NOT care for TS meals - especially most of the resort ones).

The Mara is QS not TS but I agree it’s very good. Great flatbreads and the chicken pita was lovely.

How easy is it to get to Sanaa and then go back to AK? Is it best to walk, take some sort of Disney transportation or drive (we have a car rental)?

I don’t believe it’s walk-able at all. But the DIS buses will take you right there & back. If that’s easier than your rental car depends on walking to your car in the parking lot vs. waiting on the bus each way. I’d presume the car would be slightly quicker, but you have the hassle of navigating yourself.

My DH is a pretty good navigator, so that wouldn’t be an issue. I have an ADR for 7:15 pm, but I might try to get something earlier. Waiting to hear about ROL and park hours for AK.

You can’t walk, but it’s a very short bus ride. And the buses stop at Kidani first going to AKL, and second coming back to the park, so it’s even shorter than the bus ride from Jambo. Even if I drove to AK, I would still use the bus to get go AKL.

Sanaa. Sanaa, Sanaa, Sanaa. Or Boma if you really want to spring for buffet, but you can watch the animals on the savanna at Sanaa