Where to eat late dinner Swalphin/Epcot resort area

We will be arriving around 7:30/8pm from the airport to check in at the Swan. I would like to have a few options on where to go for a late dinner. Looking for ideas for something decent if we are just wiped out and need to grab something quick at the Swan or Dolphin and possibilities if we are up for taking time to go somewhere else in the area.

Fountain is perfect for quick and decent food. I’d be tempted to do a walk up at Beaches also.

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Thanks! I have never eaten anywhere in the Swan or Dolphin so I wasn’t sure where to go.

We loved our meal at Fountain, but Picabu would also be a good option (and they are open 24 hours in case your flight is delayed).

That’s good to know, thanks!

Short walk to Yacht CLub for Captains Grille or Crews Cup IMO

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@elslav that was my first thought as I never got there during our BC stay last Summer. I guess it will all depends how long the car from airport, check-in and buying/linking MBs (though I may buy at airport to save time) takes.

Bottom line: no shortage of great choices.

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Exactly! My sister wants to pack sandwiches to take on the plane and I’m like “I can wait, I want dinner in the world.” :wink:

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