Where to eat for a 2 day stay?

I have 2 evenings planned at universal which 2 restaurants would people recommend to eat at ?

I would make Toothsome one of them .


CowFish is good, we only had the burgers but I hear the sushi is good.

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That was my other thought. I also like Mythos for inpark dining.


I was impressed by neither the Leaky Cauldron nor Three Broomsticks, yet I’m planning on having lunch at both during my upcoming trip, mostly because of the convenience. The theming at LC is very good, to be fair. Much less so, I thought, than TB.

I’ve booked dinner at Mythos for my full day in the park, partly because it’s close to the Castle and I want to see the Nighttime lights afterwards.

I’m planning on just getting a milkshake at Toothesome’s and a doughnut at Voodoo.