Where to eat, first time MK!

We are spending two days in MK in February 2017. I have breakfast reservations for Crystal Palace and Be our Guest. I got reservations for the girls at Cinderellas royal table for dinner one afternoon. I need dinner for the guys (three adults and one boy age 7) when we go to CRT and then dinner for all of us the second day. Any recommendations? Initially we did´t want to leave the park, but maybe that won´t be so bad after all.

I recommend trying Whispering Canyon Cafe at Wilderness Lodge. Nice boat ride over from MK. Food was very good and the wait staff antics are very entertaining. Have a great time where ever you choose to go!

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What about Skippers Canteen for the boys?

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Thank you!! Will definitely look into that!

Thank you!! Is it a long boat ride? Where in MK does the boat go from?

I checked this website for timing because I rarely look at a clock when on holiday. It’s about 15 minutes and I remember it being a short walk to the restaurant.


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If you wanna play “fair” for the boys to have a similar experience (in boy’s measures, anyway.)
Chef Mickey’s for a buffet and character dinner. The 7 yr old will be visited by “the fab 5” and have an interaction and photo op with each of them. The buffet is overpriced, but you can definitely eat roast beef, roast turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, and a bunch of desserts and do well. It’s a fast monorail ride from MK, OR about a 10 minute walk. (Monorail ride might be cool.) Anyway, for the price, it’s not just a buffet. It’s a buffet, guaranteed 5 character experience, a meal, and a break all in one. I think of it in terms of not waiting in line for characters at a park as well. Chef Mickey’s doesn’t get a lot of love for the food, but for all of the reasons to go there along with the meal, I think it’s worth a discussion if you’ve never been there.


Agree with the above. The closest “equivalent experience” would be CM. If you don’t want to leave the park, Skipper’s might be a good option - possibly tie it in with a JC ride?

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Thank you!! If they do Chef Micey for dinner, will there be characters there as well, Just read that Ohana for instance only had characters for breakfast.

Yes - Chef Mickey is characters all day long. Do note the Dinner is $48 for adults FWIW…

Chef Mickey’s is all about the characters, all day. It is a premium character experience - NOT A PREMIUM FOOD EXPERIENCE. You’re paying for the characters. They will each come to your table for interaction and photo opps.

CM may be a good choice. Factor in how much he has already seen characters. I recall my kids not caring too much about our last character meal as they had already met the characters a couple times in the parks or other meals. To be safe I would add around 35 minutes + dinner if you go to CM. You have to get out of the park, walk, and then come back. Longer for WL. Although you are going to Be Our Guest for breakfast I found dinner a different experience. Food was good and he can meet Beast. Can be hard to get a reservation.