Where to buy Magic Bands?

We would like to have our Magic Bands before we get to the park on the first day. I tried to order them online last night but they will not ship them to Canada. Does anyone know if you can get them at the World of Disney store in Downtown Disney or can you only get them in the park?

Are you staying onsite? They won’t ship to Canada and so you’ll pick them up when you check into your resort.

They do have them at DTD in the stores, but it seems you’ll be wasting money.

We are not staying at a Disney property. If we can get them at DTD before hand that will be fine. why would it be wasting money though?

It would be a waste if you were staying onsite since you’d get them for “free” when you checked in.

Since you are staying off-site, you can buy your bands at DTD in the stores. The CM’s should be able to link them to your account right at the register.


ah I see what you are saying now!! thanks so much for your help!!

you’re welcome.

There is a Magic Band store right next to the pin traders, it’s Tren-D I believe. There is a modest selection in World of Disney so head on to the left of WoD, past Ghirardelli. if you get to Once upon a toy, you’ve gone too far. You can activate and link in My Disney Experience very easily, or right at the cashier. And I beg to differ with @DarthDopey cause she’s the Disney genius supreme, but you NEED those MBs! Do it! Nothing cooler than a MB when staying offsite! not a waste!!! :smiley:

thanks so much for all the help.

also wondering how worthwhile the memory maker photo package is. should I start a new thread for that?

i only meant it was a waste if they were onsite and already getting bands. Didn’t want them to spend the extra money if they didn’t need to. :smile:

Memory Maker is totally worth it in my opinion. It costs $199 normally. Individual pics cost $15.99. If you get 13 ride photos, you’ve come out ahead. That can be easily done. Then add to that the pics from around the parks AND the videos, I feel it’s a worthwhile investment. Plus you get to be in the pics too!

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ah, right! no duplicate bands if you’re on a budget… see? I told you she’s the smart one!

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thanks again!! we would buy in advance so it is $169 instead. that’s what we need the magic bands for!! plus the boys want to do the Jedi Training

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Yes! Memory Maker is very worth it!!! You get a ton of extra “behind the scenes” photos and if you ride just 13 photo attractions, you save $!
Photographers are nice, and everywhere! You get magic shots, the 7DMT video, all ride photos… and any shots photographers snap of your family. Highly recommend it! But if you’re on a budget, you can ask photographers to snap the same picture with your own camera. Don’t be shy, they don’t mind!!


You would still get a Photopass card to use, but yes, the MB’s are ideal for MM.

ETA: I often use the regular price to show the value. But yes, getting in advance will save you mucho dinero

I’m staying offsite, holiday inn Dtd, I’ve asked them and they also sell magic bands in their hotel gift shop as they’re a preferred hotel. I mainly want them so I don’t have to keep getting a card out everywhere for photos, fpp and entry.