Where to buy good Harry Potter robes

I want to show up at Universal with robes in hand so that I can take pics of my kids in them whenever we happen to get to the HP areas. Where is a good online source for those? I had intended to check out Spirit Halloween’s post Halloween sales but life interfered and we missed it (they refused to do this for Halloween…maybe next Halloween…). I want them to look nice but they don’t have to be premium or anything. My two boys wear adult sizes so it’s basically 2 adult robes and one kids. I’m probably going to go with all the same house as HP was in b/c my kids look so much like Harry, Ron, and Hermione.

I found A good quality one on amazon a few years ago I’ll check the tag when we get home. It’s still going strong

I’d still look on their online store. I buy Halloween props from the online store year round. Of course you can check eBay, etsy, Amazon as well…

I confess I said I’d never pay $200 to build a lightsaber at SWGE, but I did pay $150 for a Ravenclaw robe + $60 for an interactive wand. So I guess I’m a sucker after all.

I’m a fan of my “official” HP robe. It’s good quality and I have worn it to multiple costume parties. Plus it has a wand pocket inside the lining. (Yeah… sometimes I just wear it around the house. I tell me wife I’m just trying to get my moneys worth.)

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The brand is “Rubie’s” has a hood and great sleeves but no place for a wand. Bought them on amazon 3 years ago

There is a website, wandsandbrooms.com, that often sells robes for a decent price. I have not seen them in person, but I believe they’re decent quality. And they seem to always be having sales. Right this instant when I looked, their robes were 60% off for 24 hours.

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I don’t have an “official” one, but I have a Slytherin robe that I wear whenever possible. I even did a boudoir photo shoot in it! :rofl:

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I can only hope to one day be as cool as you are.

You can purchase the official robes sold at the parks online.


They also sell the robes at the gift shops in the resorts, at the airport, and Studio Store in CityWalk.

Thank you all for the advice. I’ve found that the Rubies ones on amazon seem like they will do and they are very little $$ compared to the official Universal ones (although I’d like to have one of those for myself…maybe…). Now that I am looking closely I am so amused that the HP wardrobe is so close to what my kids, at their private Catholic school, go to school in every day! Basic HP attire: white dress shirt, burgundy and gold striped tie, dark pants, black dress shoes, black robe with school crest. What my DS13 wore today to school: white dress shirt, burgundy and silver striped tie, dark pants, black dress shoes, black sweater with school crest. If it were a school across town I wouldn’t even need to buy a tie b/c theirs are burgundy and gold.