Where should we eat Thanksgiving Dinner at the MK?

We have staked out possible location to set-up our full Thanksgiving Dinner?

Adventureland - next to Island Supply

Adventureland - Sunshine Tree Terrace


Liberty Square

Main Street Train Station

Tomorrowland - Noodle Station

Sleepy Hallow

I just want to know how you’re smuggling the turkey in lol.

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Or very large cargo pockets. Avoid bag check.

Sir your pocket is leaking…

How dare you that’s my special snowflake tumor! I will now demand a free…everything!


We are going to follow all of Disney’s rules and bring the food into the park in soft coolers. Len has been taking about doing this for ten years.


Either noodle station or train station. The views from either would rival any of the restaurants.

The agree with the train station view but give a vote for liberty square for a wonderful, “all American”? dinner backdrop! I mean, turkey and the liberty bell seem to go hand in hand, right? Hahaha! Can’t wait to see pics of this! Don’t forget a tablecloth!


Another vote for Liberty Square. A nice flower arrangement would be awesome too. How fun!

Liberty Square was our first choice. The problem is that the tables are small, and they don’t move.


My first pick is the train station, love the view

No love for Tom Sawyer’s Island? You can eat in relative peace on the waterfront. If I had to choose one of the locations you listed, I would definitely go with Liberty Square. I love this idea…might have to emulate it some day!

This is …awesome!! You must post pictures.

Supplies are ready!


How many of you will be meeting for this? It sound like lots of fun!

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Looks great, looking forward to stories and pictures!!

Frontierland gets my vote. My favourite land.

Have fun & enjoy where ever you end up. Pictures please

The girls are ready.