Where should i park?

Group of 12 (mostly newbies) in a 12 passenger van going to MK for EMM on Sunday 6/23. Coming from offsite location. (Champions Gate)

Want to arrive at MK gates by 7:30am. We will also be leaving the park after the parade at 3pm and returning around 7pm for some light touring and the fireworks.

Should i go with parking at TTC or try valet at CR? Cost is not an issue. I have no experience with parking at either location and dont even know if valet at CR is even an option with a 12 passenger van.

Your thoughts appreciated

If cost is no issue, I would go with valet at CR. The TTC is a madhouse on the best of days, and it takes forever to get on the monorail back at the end of the night.
On a whole other note…I used to live in Champions Gate!!!
Wow, what a flashback!


Looks beautiful there. Our rental is not far from the Oasis clubhouse. Anything you can share about the property or the surrounding amenities? All i know is our house is new, in a new development, golf course view, and we enter the property via Ronald Reagan Blvd?

I lived there 15 years ago when all that was there was the apartment complex, so I don’t know much about the area now. All I can really share is that there is not a lot of shade (at least back then) so walking anywhere was brutal.
Oh and Publix, the grocery store, is the best grocery store I have ever been to. I miss it lol

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Thanks. Any suggested routes to and from parks? Toll or no tolls, we just want quickest route.

Oh and we’ll be sure to use the publix. We plan on a huge shopping day upon arrival. We need to feed 12 people for about 9 days.

Valet at any of the monorail resorts would be better than the TTC. I think CR would be the best because you can walk to the MK. Leaving the park after the fireworks can be a nightmare; the wait for the mono to the TTC is horrible. GF would be my second choice. Very short mono ride to the park in the AM (and the “resort” monorails tend to be less crowded than the “express” one) - but you would still have to deal with post-FW crowds for the mono at the end of the day.


Avoid exit 64 (192) off I-4. It’s a terrible road with lots of traffic. Your best bet would probably be exit 65, Osceola Parkway. Once you get into DisneyWorld (which is huge, be prepared) they have their own road system you can take from park to park without ever leaving Disney.

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Thanks bswan, so I just drive up in a 12 passenger van to any momorail resort and say " I want to valet park"? I dont need an ADR or another reason to be parking at that particular resort? Forgive my ignorance I just have zero experience with this.

As far as I know, as long as it’s for Valet, you don’t need an ADR. It’s been almost 5 years since I’ve done this, so I don’t know if policy has changed.

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