Where my Hershey Park people at?

Thanks @len for adding and @TheProphetPaul for suggesting. I’m new to the forum but have been wishing/hoping for something like this. I don’t know if there is anyone who goes to HP but we were first time annual Fastpass holders there this year and I would love to discuss strategies and tips.

For me personally, this summer, I found hitting the water park up first and then going on rides was a successful strategy but I’m not 100%. I also don’t know if the strategy going to the big rides first, then say going to the back of the park and moving forward is a good strategy. We usually, when the water park is closed, go to the back of the park and then move forward but I’m getting tired of Wildcat and Lightning raver never has super long lines. Probably do this more for Laugh Track. Any liners who have experience and thoughts/suggestions?

Debating on season passes again next year. It was a great summer and I love the new levels for season pass holders. Makes more sense for the younger kids (they’ll be 9,3 next year), I just don’t want to pay for my 3 years old, lol.

Hope people on here visit Hershey Park.

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I am tagging @Shanneepantslovesdisney! She is the only HP expert I know!

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I do have a season pass for Hershey Park as well. I did renew for next year. Your strategies seem sound enough. The fall is a great to go as the crowds are really low. I usually don’t go on Saturdays in the summer because of crowds. If I do I go early and then leave.

Laugh Trak is definitely not worth waiting in a long line for!!!

I did upgrade our Season Passes for next year also. I have adult children and one 5 month grand daughter. I got season passes for 2 of the families for next year also. My youngest and her hubby are expecting a baby in March and decided it probably would not be the best year for them to get one.

Any other questions ask away…I was a pass holder for years and then the kids got involved with school stuff and life and it didn’t seem smart to have one. Three years ago my hubby and I decided (well, I decided) we needed them again. I have been loving having it.

Welcome to the forum!

Thanks for the tag @PrincipalTinker. I would have missed this I am sure.


We have been season passholders for 2 years and I have been going almost every year since I was a kid. We did not renew next year for several reasons. The maintenance has been horrible the days we have gone, the crowds are going to be ridiculous with that new area and coaster, I don’t like the new levels of season passes for next year, and my kids want to explore some other places next summer. We are reassessing for 2021/2022 though. We have enjoyed our passes, but there are definitely positives and negatives.

Just to add, only the top 2 levels of the new passes will get into passholder events and Sweet Start. They are no longer allowing guests of passholders into Sweet Start next year.

With that being said, we always go to the waterpark first.

When not going to the waterpark, we hit the Comet, Skyrush, and the looper during Sweet Start. Sometimes a few other smaller rides as well. (Reese’s Cupfusion supposedly is no longer available then due to maintenance). We then hit the Great Bear at rope drop and work our way back through the coasters to the back of the park. Sometimes we can hit Laff Track and sometimes the line is too long. We finish off the rides back there and then get lunch at Moe’s. We then hit all the smaller rides we feel like getting on that day and we usually leave between 2 and 4.

We usually do Sundays. Never Saturdays. And we definitely take advantage of the passholder events as there is hardly any lines during those times.

We won a chance to do the Reese’s Cupfusion before it opened during their lottery. When it was open during Sweet Start, we got on it one other time. We have pretty much resigned to the fact that we won’t get on it again except during a passholder event. The line is worse than MF in Disney. It’s cute, but not worth that kind of wait.

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Thanks! We did them as Christmas gifts last year but we’re already doing Broadway play tickets so still on the fence about it. I’m hoping to make a decision before the end of the month with the deal they have going on.

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My daughter(2) are the only ones in the family that did the Reese’s Cupfusion and was very unimpressed. We waited 45 minutes which was risky with a toddler who we call The Hulk (she managed well). I have since recommended people not wait any longer than that and preferably no more than 25 mins.

That’s good to know about the smaller pass not being able to get in early. I was planning on taking advantage of the prices (if we renewed) to have my two kids get those and DH and I to get the second level.

We only ever went on a Sunday, definitely not a Saturday. Although we went on 6/30, the last day of the free pass before expiring. It was the first nice day on a weekend all spring/beginning of summer and WOW, everyone and their mother was there.

Still on the fence with what we’re going to do. Maybe it will make us appreciate it a little more if we skip this year and get the following year. That way at least the youngest might be tall enough to ride some bigger rides and the oldest will still be young enough (maybe) to want to ride the smaller rides with her.

Thanks for the tips!!