Where is your line line?

From time to time you see hilarious line estimates at Disney. On the 24th FOP was 225 mins. That’s nearly four hours. On Twitter just now I saw RNR was 220 mins.

Who are the people in these lines? There are no circumstances under which I would wait that long. For anything.

You get three FPPs per day. And maybe a fourth or fifth after that. That’s enough for me. I’d wait up to 30 mins for most rides. Maybe an hour for something exceptional.

You regularly see stand-by waits for PP and FEA of ninety minutes or more. Why? They’re not that good. Why wait that long for PP when Pooh often has much shorter lines or even same-day FPP and it’s just as good, if not better.

But two, three, nearly four hours? What?


I’ve often wondered the same. I’d love to talk to them. Find out what’s going on in their empty little heads

For most things not more than 20 for us. For really big ones 30


Same here, I’d say about 30 minutes…maaaybe 40 if we couldn’t manage to fit it in any other way/time. That said, my daughter and I ONCE waited in a TT line with a posted wait of 60 minutes. The ride was shutting the next day for refurb so it was our only shot. Ended up being 45 minutes and loads of fun because we watched a woman in line take photos of a miniature toy cow posed differently through the entire queue! Very entertaining!


I was just discussing this with my husband… it’s nuts! I truly thinks those lines are comprised of people that don’t even know FPs exist…OR off-site people that just had piss poor luck… or those that just simply gave up on refreshing. Whatever the case, it’s the definition of insanity. The parks are so expensive… i would NEVER spend 4 hours in ONE line. Seems like a huge waste of $$$. Ugh… the horror.


PS… this is my first post on these forums! I’ve lurked for a long time… not sure why this particular post triggered me to actually reply! haha I’m weird.


It’s great to hear from you!


Herd mentality?

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I was having this conversation earlier! We would wait Max 20min. And hope it’s actually shorter. Only thing we really waited for last trip was Elsa and Anna. I would never wait any longer. We plan our fast passes for big rides and other then that we go on things with little waits. It amazes us that people will wait an hour for Peter Pan! And jungle cruise. Oof. We fp Peter Pan and it was fine but no way I would wait an
Hour for it.


I’m not willing to wait longer than an hour and that would have to be extreme circumstances. More realistic of what I’m willing to wait is 1/2 hour. It is crazy that people look at a line that says 5 hours and say, sure, I’ll wait in that.


30 minutes is my cap and only for a high priority with no option to ride later.

I figure a lot of the people are people trying to fulfill a list of must do/magical experiences with a thought of not returning for a really long time.

I think that is the secret to a good trip - spend time doing and appreciating what is relatively easily available to you. If you force something you are more likely to waste time or remember the hours long line instead of the two minute experience at the end of it.


I, like the rest of us here, try to minimize the lines with intense planning. I draw the line at 30 minutes, if I think that’s the best I can do for that attraction during the trip. I might be willing to wait an hour for a favorite, although I’ve never had to. But there is nothing at any park that would entice me to enter a queue labeled 200+ minutes (or 100 minutes for that matter).

Perhaps on a future trip, liners could interview the people entering/exiting these crazy long lines and see what they are thinking?!?!?!? Maybe TP would offer a discount subscription for this information :laughing:


I think it probably depends on the person, how often they get to go, how long their trip is, etc. I’m thinking of our recent trip…we waited 70 minutes for SDD (and also rode right after with FPP, so it was like waiting 35 minutes twice, and we had already done everything else is HS), maybe 40 for Dinosaur (request of the birthday girl and no FPP available), 40 for JC (eventually had to bail and this was at the insistence of others in our party), 40 for FEA once and 30-40 to meet Elsa and Anna. Beyond those I don’t think we ever waited more than 20-25 minutes, and the ones we did wait for…well, none of us regretted it. I think it’s crazy that people will wait for hours upon hours for one ride…


I think they are the same people who plan a one day trip to WDW and then are standing just inside the gate studying their map to see where to go first. At lunchtime they will at the check in counter at BOG or CRT upset because they can’t get a table. :grin:
I think my max is a 60 wait but it has to be very special, like the ride is closing or something like that. Otherwise I will pass up my favorite rides if the wait is too long because I can always ride it my next trip. And then I have to have a next trip.


Good luck when Star Wars: Galaxy Edge opens!

That’s all I’m going to say. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


I think this is the main reason. People plan their ‘one perfect trip to Disney’ and come completely unprepared for all the lines. They don’t think they have any other option but to wait in incredibly long lines, and they’ve spent so much money that they’re determined not to miss out.

To answer the original question, I’d be willing to wait about 30 minutes, less with our DS2. We’re the people who go to the state fair just to walk around and avoid waiting in long lines for food. I’d rather ride the carousel 100 times and only mobile order food than spend our day waiting in lines with him. It’s just not fun. #toddlerlife


The longest line we’ve joined was Space Mountain posted at 110. My 7yo hated MK. We were following the 2 day plan from the UG and Space was on the 2nd day. He was so unhappy that I’d have waited even longer to put a smile back on his face. It ended up being a 70 minute wait and it’s a fun memory.

The longest line we’ve waited in accidentally was Splash Mountain on a soft opening. The trip was supposed to be our one and only back in July 1992, and Splash wasn’t due to open till autumn. The first time we saw it open we waited around 30 minutes, so the second time it opened we jumped in line. There was no indicator of how long the wait would be or we’d have skipped it. We waited 3 hours!! Even though it clearly wasn’t our last trip and it was as hot as the surface of the sun, I can’t say I regret it.


This is what you get when you book a fast pass for the last 45 minutes of the park time.

I typically say it can wait for the next trip.


Thirty minutes is generally my max, but this past summer I think we waited 45 minutes twice for SDD. I hadn’t anticipated it being DD15’s favorite ride, so I hadn’t made it at FPP priority.

I’m typically at 30 mins, but if it’s something I really want I’d be willing to wait 60 - but no more than that!

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We have waited 30 minutes for a character, but most waits are only 20ish minutes or less for us. 3 FPs a day, rope drop, right before closing and same day FPs have worked well for us.

FEA was meh for us. We only rode it cause TT was down at rope drop and we had a FP for Soarin. We ended up riding TT later with an extra FP. PP we have rope dropped and got an extra FP and FOP we had a FP. I don’t get waiting in that kind of a line either. 2-4 hours for a few minute ride is crazy, IMO, and we do not go every year. This is why planning is so important to me.

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