Where is Walt's plane?

Ever since they closed the back lot tour at Hollywood studios, I have wondered where they have taken Walts airplane. Anyone have any info?

Short answer - no one (outside of Disney) really knows.

This is quite the topic of discussion on some of the “insider” and “fanboi” forums. Fact: It was repainted in the original orange and white colors, and was removed, in tact, from DHS. That’s all that has been confirmed. Rumors of where it might end up are wide ranging. Many think displayed on a post in DS. Showing up as a “toy” airplane in “Andy’s back yard” (i.e. Toy Story Land) has been mentioned. Some think it may end up in the Condor Flats area of DCA (although the plane is not of the “correct” era to fit the theme of the land). Some think it may be sent to the Disney Museum on the West Coast. Some have even proposed that it might be fully restored and used as a “special” VIP plane again - although this seems to be the most far-fetched as it was completely stripped to a shell before it was placed in the Backlot Tour.

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I am a pilot that grew up and learned to fly in central Florida. In the late 80’s I had a flight out of MCO, better known as Orlando International. That day on the radio I heard the call sign “234 Mickey Mouse” (correctly the call sign is “234 Mike Mike”). As an avid lover of all things Disney, this was quite a thrill. I never saw the plane unfortunately that day, in fact I never saw the plane until I saw it many years later on the backlot tour. I felt like I was seeing the legend.
I can only hope that they do restore the plan to airworthy condition. Imagine the plane on the airshow tour. In my opinion, a great revenue source for Disney (since that seems to be all that drives them now). I flying reminder to all of a time when Walt was driving the ship. Disney has already restored his California office after all. That’s my hope.

By the way, a search of FAA record still shows an active FAA registration. I thought that was interesting.
“Fly 234MM again!!!”

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