Where is the scaredy-cat exit at Tower of Terror?

I have never been on TT/do not plan on ever riding. But we were watching “Behind the Attraction” on Disney+ and now I would like to see the theming when my family rides. Where do I exit? My family doesn’t know and I don’t want to have to announce my intentions to every cast member I see!


Ironically the chicken exit is an elevator. It’s right by where the ride vehicle elevators are. Before that it is very pre-show like and then once it is clear that your party is getting on the ride elevator you can let the CM know you’re not riding and you’ll step to the side for the real elevator that will not make you think you are falling to your demise.

I don’t like ToT either.


Funny story (to me anyway).

When my wife and I went to DHS during our honeymoon, ToT was quite new. I had never ridden it, and was excited to…but my new bride was not…and, in fact, did NOT want me to ride it because she thought I might not come off it alive. Needless to say…I rode it anyhow, and am still very much alive. But my wife was still terrified to ride it.

Flash forward a great many years later, when my wife finally agreed to ride it but only because she was afraid of her children riding it with their dad (ahem, me) who wouldn’t protect them or something. (I mean…she wasn’t wrong.)

Turns out…she ended up loving it, and now it is a must do everytime for both of us!


Thank you! @ryan1 that is a really sweet story and sounds like it worked out surprisingly well.

I have chicken exited many, many times.


I’ve used it once when a DD didn’t want to. I was quietly relieved myself. She was 10 then.


My niece was not impressed that the chicken exit was an elevator :rofl: … it was my first time seeing it last week, as I went with her (since I have been on countless times, so I volunteered to stay with her)

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