Where is the best location to view the Festival of Fantasy Parade?

I have a FP but will probably cancel it because I have read that the viewing area is located near the end of the parade. The problem with that is you have to wait a long time in the blazing sun. Also the performers are tired by that time. Just wanted opinions as to some of the best places to view it and why you liked it.
Thanks in advance!!

Patty Bee

I have watched the FoF parade many times. It ismy favorite parade. I must say I had a FP for it on Wednesday. It was full sun. A girl on the bus was holding what was left of her caramel apple after the parade (a liquid mess).I must say I loved every single second of the FP. Everyone had curb space. The characters interacted with us. It was one of the best FPs I have ever had!

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We had a FPP for the parade on Easter. Great view, but yes it is full sun and we did not enjoy the wait for the parade to get to us. This is the second time we have done it, last time the FPP location was in the hub, but still full sun. Load up on sunscreen and have plenty of water with you!

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