"Where in the Universe" photo game

This is the same as the Disney photo game thread…only for Universal! I will be posting pics here instead of the Disney one starting tomorrow.


No doubt I will be equally as bad at this one.

How does the game work?

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Ryan will post a photo from the parks - usually a small detail - and everyone guesses where it is.

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Kings cross



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Windows remind me of diagon alley, but no idea where!

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It is Diagon Alley. This is a hard one for sure. I will be impressed if someone gets it. I will give more time though.

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I have been searching my photos but it’s not in them! I’ll say outside Magical Menagerie but I don’t think it is.

Is it cheating if scroll through google maps images to find it?

Not. It isn’t near the Managerie. Good guess though.

Is it on the little stand in front of the apothecary? It’s a stand on its own in the middle.

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Next one. Another hard one …


Kong I think

Neither Hagrid nor Kong. Right park though