Where Do You Eat Before the Race?

What are your go-to “pre-game” meals before race day? I am trying to figure which Disney restaurant to go for lunch and dinner the day before the race.

It seems like there are very few TS resort dining options available for lunch. There are a lot more options for dinner.

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Anywhere you can get pasta! :slight_smile:

My sister and I enjoyed Il Mulino and were able to get an earlier reservation slot

Also many restaurants will offer a “runner’s special” on their menus that weekend :slight_smile:

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I’ve never been inside the Swan, so Il Mulino is a great recommendation.

I will be solo for lunch, so I was thinking about going to Steakhouse 71.

And that’s good to know about the “runner’s special.”

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Last race I went to Paddlefish the night before - it was not a good experience. I do not recommend!

Noted! Thanks.

Don’t be a Michael Scott and carbo load the morning of the race. It will not go well! You should mostly be carb loading the week leading up to the race.

We did Via Napoli the night before the marathon. There were pizza and pasta options for the runners that were easy on the stomach.

For lunch the day before the marathon we did beaches & cream. It worked out well because I was replenishing from the half-marathon that morning. I would be careful if your stomach does not agree with ice cream. I know a lot of people have stomach issues the next day, so make sure you test, in advance, if your digestive system can handle it before the race.

We typically like to stay away from heavy meats the night before a race.

I am pondering some Shiki-Sai this year. I think my stomach does well with sushi.


I forgot how funny The Office is!

My brothers and I landed on Il Murino for dinner on Friday. That should get us some of those carbs…

I’m trying to figure out lunch on Friday (leaning towards Steakhouse 71) and I’m letting one of my brothers pick out lunch on Saturday because he’s running the full marathon on Sunday.


We stay at SSR a lot in race weekends so we usually eat at Turf Club. I like either fish or chicken with potatoes or rice the night before a race. That’s what I eat at home the night before a long run & it works for me​:blush: One year we ate at Steakhouse 71 & the chicken with root vegetables was soooo good!!! I also had a great race the next day​:+1: It was kind of of bummer to not be able to get a steak, but I know I can’t eat steak & then run a 1/2 the next day :rofl: