Where do you eat arrival day?

We arrive on Sunday around 8:30 am. We plan to spend some time exploring the resort and them maybe some swimming. We were thinking of taking some time in the afternoon and go to Disney Springs for lunch. We have a 7 pm dinner at Whispering Canyon, so we don’t want tied down to another reservation so we are thinking quick service. If time allows before the dinner reservation we would like to monorail around the MK resorts and see the gingerbread house at Grand Floridian maybe before dinner. So, back to lunch…we planned on Chicken Guys in DS, but now we are second guessing the choice. I have heard Earl of Sandwhich is good. Any suggestions on where we can get a quick service lunch? Open to other options just wasn’t thrilled about skipping DS that day. Traveling with first timers (in-laws) husband and our kids ages 7 and 10.

We typically have a quick service meal at our resort for lunch. But we have never been lucky enough to arrive quite so early. We are usually arriving right around lunchtime.

Then we suit up and pool it for the afternoon until our evening TS ADR

I like to recommend EOS for their snacks, although their food choices seem decent enough as well. But you can get good snacks (cookies, brownies, etc) relatively cheap there.

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Chicken Guy is good, but not quick. It has a really long line. It may seem odd, but have you considered Splitsville? They have really good food and are pretty quick. People just think it’s only a bowling alley, but the food is worth a visit.

Was very impressed with Blaze. Quick, good value and very tasty.

Totally! Good choice! Everybody can custom make whatever pizza they want and it does come out fast. There can be a wait sometimes, like Chicken Guy.

When we went there there was NO line. We ordered and were served in a very short period of time. Probably, like anywhere, depends when you go.

We enjoyed it.

We also really liked Polite Pig


We ate at Wolfgang Puck Express for an arrival day dinner. Good service, very good food. No problem finding a table for 7 people around 5:30.

If we were in the MK area around lunch time we’d HAVE to eat at Capt Cook’s at the Poly. We have a family member that loves the food there.

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Ditto. Great arrival day meal so you’re not tied to an ADR but it’s a nice place and great QS credit if you’re using them.


Thanks everyone, we are still undecided 🤷

Quick service to the hotel, and then to Epcot!

The nice thing about that is no plan means you can see what you’re feeling like when you get there. You have some ideas - one of them will be more appealing on the day!

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One of our favorite locations at DS is D-Luxe Burger.