Where do u like to rent your ecv from?

I need to rent an ecv for my husband. Last trip we used Walker mobility and they were really good. However, they r no longer on approved provider list . So my options are now different. I looked at the wdw site and saw scooterbug , Apple, and Buenavista I think . Anyone have good/bad experiences?

My wife needs one for longs days of park touring, but doesn’t need one around the resort, so we just rent by the day at each park. Probably not the most cost effective way of doing things, but we would have no way of transporting one in/on our car, and we don’t need the extra hassle of taking one on the buses. From my years hanging around Touring Plans, I have read a lot of good reports on Apple.

We used Scooterbug, and they were pretty reasonable. We rented the one that comes apart to fit in the car. If you rent an extra battery, make sure they give you two charging cords. I’ve heard good things about Apple as well. When we rented, Scooterbug was a better deal for us.

Buena Vista were fantastic. Our battery stopped charging after our poncho protecting it blew away while we were in a restaurant. They brought us a new ECV inside 20 minutes. You can also get a 10% discount if you mention that you saw them advertised in the AllEars news letter.

Thanks for the discount scoop! Did u need to show them anything or just mention it. How long ago did u use them for the discount

Just mention it when you book. We used them last August and I don’t read the newsletter anymore - too depressing with no countdown - but I’d be surprised if the advert at the end wasn’t still in it.