Where do I find operating hours for Skyline?

Does anyone know where I can find a schedule for Skyline operating hours?
I am trying to find out the earliest starting times from POP to Epcot on an EMH. Epcot opening at 8am on a Thursday in May.
I am wanting to know so that I can book an early Breakfast at Boardwalk.

This has Times Guides, https://www.orlandoparksnews.com/p/weekly-walt-disney-world-times-guides.html, but of course what is published doesn’t mean it matches reality.


Looks like they are altering the hours for early or late openings now. Nice link to bookmark

It’s also a good idea, if staying on-site, to ask the hotel front desk people if they have updated hours. You can ask the night before and verify the next morning as you head out.

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Also, in case anyone asks about when does it close at the end of the day: Yesterday HS Skyliner CM told us 90 minutes after park closing, but it likely kept running a bit longer. We’d parked at HS while we spent a few hours there, then took the Skyliner to EP for the rest of the day. Since EP closed at 9:30, later than HS’s 9:00, I was concerned about watching EP fireworks and making it all the way back to HS via Skyliner. Fortunately, it all worked out. CM at the CB to HS loading station said they wouldn’t leave anyone stranded.