Where do I find dvc rentals? have not been on this forum to post

Where do I find dvc rentals? Don’t know what I am doing sorry if this is wrong

I think you want this in the wdw section? If you do, you may want to take the little pencil and change the category to Walt Disney world.

There are a few companies you can rent DVC from here Is one

Sorry. I thought it was wrong.

It’s no big deal- I found it and others will too!

Sorry, I know next to nothing about DVC @58breezy, but wanted to welcome you to the forum posters club!!

Sorry, I should have welcomed you too! The first link I posted was for Davd’s this one is for DVC rental store. I believe they are the two most popular sites and there is some safety by going through a site. Others rent directly for a couple of dollars less per point directly from an owner.