Where can my kids split meals?

Hi! We leave Thursday!!! At a normal restaurant my 4 and 6 year olds split a meal because they eat like birds (edited to add: maybe this is inaccurate, they pick at their plates and graze all day instead of sitting down to eat full meals). We have the following TS reservations and are on the DDP, which of these can they split meals at? I think most are out because they are character meals/buffets for the kiddos. Thanks yall for all the help planning this year!
Bon Voyage Breakfast
Tusker House Breakfast ROL package
Artist Point
Via Napoli (just planned on pizza here and not using TS credits)
Festival of Fantasy Parade Package
Crystal Palace breakfast
Chef Mickey’s
California Grill brunch

Distripplanner recommends Bon Voyage, TREX, and Crystal Palace but I had already planned on Via Napoli so I’m now not trusting it HAHAHA

Buffets and prix-fixe meals are no sharing - that includes most of what you have listed. Bon Voyage, Akershus, ‘Ohana, and Artist Point are prix-fixe - no sharing. Crystal Palace, Chef Mickey’s and Tusker House are buffets - no sharing. My guess is the parade package is prix-fixe so no sharing. I don’t know about Cali Grill brunch or Via Napoli - I don’t like the stuff CG offers and I’m gluten-free so Via Napoli is out.

From your list, honestly the only one you could share that I know 100% is TRex - but not with the dining plan.

If you guys truly all eat small amounts (“like a bird” is not accurate as birds eat a huge amount compared to their body weight), the dining plan seems like a waste of money for you.

Thanks. I meant they pick at meals, I don’t know its just what we’ve always called it :slight_smile: They graze all day rather than sit down to eat a full meal.
It is free dining so it is worth it because of all the character meals and their ages maybe someday it won’t be but I have yet to get a better deal than it.

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I think Buffett’s are great for poorer eaters. They can actually see what they are selecting vs words.


Curious what you mean by this? They can share one meal on the dining plan and T Rex accepts it.

ETA unless you mean they can’t share an adult meal, which is accurate assuming OP doesn’t want to use the adult credits for the kids.

Absolutely agree. My older son has a variety of feeding issues and is partially tube fed. We find buffets to be the best with him. I still cringe a bit knowing there’s no way he’s eating whatever it costs (less so at Disney for character or event meals as we do the meals to kill two birds with one stone) but find it is well worth it to get even a bit more volume of food into him. And it allows him to expand his palate a bit - try new foods without having to fully commit to them.

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I did not think you could share meals with the dining plan.

Honestly if you have the plan - especially if you are not directly paying for it (said that way as you are paying rack rate for the rooms), unless you are just doing a crap-ton of 2 credit meals - why worry about how much they will eat?

So if it is “free” (not really as rooms are rack rate…) why worry about sharing? It’s not like you’re out anything besides gratuity.

More meals than credits :wink:


Thanks y’all for the confirmation on the prixe-fixe meals. They’ll split at TREX, and I am sure eat the most not healthy things off every buffet but that is not a battle I want to fight at Disney.


You were just using an idiom and I totally got your point. Hope you guys have a wonderful trip :slightly_smiling_face:.


Oh - if you need help prioritizing which meals to pay OOP for and which to use credits for - there’s a dining plan calculator at Dis Trip Planner dot com that will tell you which meals buy with credits and which to pay OOP.

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