Where are the refurbishment sites?

I have been looking for a while now and I can’t seem to find a site that has an updated refurbishment schedule. (Other than skyliner)
Does anyone know of a good site to go to?
I don’t believe that Disney doesn’t have any refurbishment planned for January and all rides will be open.

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TP has a page with refurbishments (you have to click across the tabs to see different parks).

Yes I tried this site. But again, I can’t believe there are no refurbishments planned in any park for the month of January. Could this be right?
And I know Skyliner is being refurbished, I don’t see it on the site you posted.

WDWMagic has one:


I think that unless a lengthy refurbishment is planned, Disney don’t announce them a long time in advance. There were quite a few rides that were closed for 2-3 days with about a week’s notice over the summer.

I’d expect Kali to go down for a while in January or February, but I haven’t seen any dates for that yet.


On the subject of which, BTMR will be down from Jan 16th-20th, with a planned re-opening date of Jan 21st.