Where Are the Holiday Touring Plans?

Hi all. I’ve read about the necessity of using a holiday touring plan during the Christmas/holiday week. However, I can’t seem to find the holiday touring plans in the list of plans. I see plans for the Halloween and Christmas parties, but I’m not talking about party touring plans–just plans for the holidays when crowds are at a 10 at all parks. We’re traveling 12/23-1/1 when there are no parties–just tons of crowds. Thanks!

I have never seen a “holiday” touring plan. What I did last year and also doing this year, is make touring plans for each day, just as I would for any other day of the year and know that it will be crazy. Last year went from 12/17 to 112/2 during which time became engaged, this year, we are going from 12/21 to 12/31 and it will be our honeymoon. We are planning on adjusting and planning our touring plans at a more relaxed pace this time around.

When you make your touring plan, you add the date of your plan. That will then adjust the anticipated wait times to the appropriate level, based on crowd levels etc.

If you’re not doing a party, there is nothing special about the parks at Christmas that would affect the plan, other than the crowds that TP will take care of for you. Definitely set the walking speed slower, if nothing else there will be plenty to look at as you go.

There are one-day holiday touring plans for parents with small children at Epcot, Animal Kingdom & Hollywood Studios. I’m not sure if there are special holiday touring plans for other demographics, but you can find these plans by navigating to the touring plans page and click on the link for ‘+__ more touring plans for parents with small children’ for each park and you’ll see a special holiday touring plan.

I’m not sure if those exist anymore… I know there used to be plans that were designated for use on very busy days (I don’t remember if they were necessarily called “holiday”, but they specifically said that they were for busy times) but I can’t find them either.

I know this might be a little late but it may help others, I was looking for the holiday touring plans also as they are mentioned in the FAQs and managed to find by searching holiday tour plans, there are some for adults and also families.

They’re findeable in the app under “miscellaneous”, but I had to use the search box (top right corner, on the home page or your dashboard) to find them on the regular website.