When you can stay at a DVC, you book another trip

So, I was thinking about going to the UK in September…but that’s out the window, so back to WDW it is.

My AP expires in September. We do not plan to renew, as would like to go to Tokyo Disney next April (if travel opens up)

Since DVC has switched to Interval International, I was able to use my mom’s exchange to get a 1bdrm at Saratoga Springs.

This will be trip number 10 on 2 AP’s since July 2019. We have mainly stayed at off-site timeshares, once at Carribean Beach, and last two trips at Riverside & Swan. …I kind of enjoy ETPE. We missed out on evening hours at the Swan stay due to only 5 night trip - and they changed the normal Wed to a Tuesday.

I’m excited to stay at a DVC…and go on Cosmic Rewind multiple times.


Why is the UK off the table, just out of curiosity?

Disney Japan is on my horizon. You’ll have to let us join you in the planning process.

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ya can’t understand a thing they’re saying!!



This is actually true! Phone CMs can’t understand half of what I say.


have you tried speaking English?



The cheek!!


The forehead!

(why are we naming facial components?)




combination of things. We would have to start booking now, and my friend does not think she can take a full two weeks off. Easier to play it by ear with a trip to Florida.

Covid still lingering, I go on a cruise to Alaska (2020 postponed trip) 2 weeks before the dates we were going to go to UK - easier to cancel Orlando last minute if need be vs a trip abroad.

The fact that I could get a DVC for a week was the tipping point in favour of WDW again…plus we really want to go on Cosmic Rewind again.


Fair enough!

I’m pretty sure you’re my new hero

you’re so smart! that is the BEST ride at WDW. I can’t wait to go back on it!


I thought I’d provide some inspiration for your Tokyo trip. My husband and I were there in early December 2019. He is NOT as much of a Disney fan as I am, so I could only convince him to do 1 park day and I chose DisneySea since there’s nothing else like it. We stayed overnight at Hotel Miracosta for the early entry. It did not disappoint. I’ve never done Disney without kids and I was practically floating the entire day. DisneySea is AMAZING!!! I took far fewer pics than I realized so it’s not as visually impressive as I’d hoped.

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