When you are staying in a standard room and order grocery delivery

What are you ordering? Those fridges in the rooms are so tiny, and are not able to cool to safe temps for storing items that must be refrigerated in traditional 38-42 degrees (F)- they are more like beverage coolers. Just curious what people order- water? Diapers? Dry cereal and bars?

We ordered drinkable yogurt, juice boxes, applesauce pouches, cereal bars, various crackers, diapers, and a box of 72 individual packages of gummy candies because I’m a dummy who can’t read an Amazon description.


We kept milk and OJ in ours. The milk was fine.

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We kept milk for several days…no problem. unfortunately, not much room for beer :grin: so we would fill the sink with ice in the am and throw a couple beers in the sink in the am and they were good by afternoon

We had no problems with the temp of the fridge at our POR standard rooms last year. We had yogurt, cheese, milk, fruits and veg, jam, and lunch meat. We also stored leftovers. All our food was fine.

For dry goods, we also ordered applesauce pouches, granola bars, cereal, muffins, crackers, pb, bread, paper plates and bowls, plastic utensils, and zip lock bags. Oh, and dove chocolate and oatmeal raisin cookies. :grin: Hey, it was vacation!