When would you make a short solo trip?

I am heading down for a long weekend at the World in early May with a group of friends. After booking everything, one of my friends can no longer attend, so I’ve now got a 2 day ticket that I plan to change the dates for and make my way back down later in the year for a solo trip.

My question is, when would you go? I have a pretty flexible schedule, so it can be weekdays or weekends, and any month of the year. I need to do it in 2019, so that’s the only restriction.

I would probably go to MK and AK, so I don’t know if it is still a bad idea to go in September with the SWGE crowds. Heat doesnt bother me a ton, so my main goal is minimizing crowd levels.

Would love to hear how you all would approach this fun dilemma!

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I would visit during food & wine(weekdays) in September. Maybe add an extra day for Disney Springs and Not So Scary.

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I did a solo trip in Nov 2017, my dates was the last day of F&W, but being on your own means you can’t try very much, but the rest of my trip was during the beginning of the Holiday season, I was able to do MVMCP at the lowest cost and low crowds. It was my favorite day! My do over would be skip the F&W and see Epcot for the Holiday!

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Personally??? Whenever they plan to do the manned launch at Kennedy because 1 day for a launch would feel like a waste for a plane ticket, throw in a couple days at Disney and I wouldn’t feel so guilty. :grin:

Anytime after late August is going to have Galaxy’s Edge crowds. If that doesn’t phase you, I would go in either September (F&W/MNSSHP) or early December (Festival of the Holidays/MVMCP).

If you want to avoid the Star Wars crowds at all costs, go mid-to-late August, just make sure you’re gone before SW opens on the 29th.

Another vote for food & wine + MNSSHP.