When would you go? UnCelebration trip Fall 2021

Similarly to DumboRunner, we’ve had a cruise cancelled, a WDW trip cancelled, and our first Run Disney event go virtual. Although I was hesitant about traveling until we got vaccines, well… I miss the magic so much, I want to book a trip in fall 2021 to celebrate birthdays, our anniversary, and especially me getting tenure (officially in a few weeks). Myself and DH are now fully vaccinated, and our DD ages 12, 9, and 5 might be vaccinated by fall 2021, but really they’ve been attending school in person with safety measures and it is going well. We have been to WDW in October, November and December in the past, but mid-October 2018 was so very hot. I am hesitating between:
Nov 7-13
Nov 13-19 (week before Thanksgiving)
Dec 5-11

When would you go? We have stayed at Moderate resorts before, but I am tempted to book a Deluxe (or a split stay) to be able to walk to some of the parks.

Thank you!


I’m sorry you have been challenged by a similar sadness!!

Well, I am booked to go Dec 3-17 so that is my answer :slight_smile:

ETA and CONGRATS on tenure!!!

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Normally I’d say the earlier Nov. time, but with the 50th anniversary hoopla I think this year I’d pick the Dec. time instead. Congrats on tenure… I’d also go big with a deluxe, because you’re celebrating something big!

Of course, I was forgetting about the 50th! December it is, then! And THANK YOU - few women with children in my field on the tenure track at Purdue, and the girls reminded me we should plan something big (aka go to Disney close to Christmas to be surrounded by magic).


Oh, thank you so much for reminding me, I don’t know how I was forgetting about the anniversary. December it is!
THANK YOU - I sometimes forget I should really celebrate big! (especially with all the cancelled trips, there is luckily more travel funds to splurge on a deluxe this time)