When Will UP Bird Show FP+ be added to Touring Plans?

I’ve got a FP+ for the UP Bird Show coming to AK, but it’s not showing up as an option when making touring plans. Any idea when it will be added to your system?

I have a touring plan made for a day in November and it’s already showing. It’s called “Up! A Great Bird Adventure” and it’s under shows, parades, and diversions.

It’s shows up for the touring plans, but does not show up for the fastpass options. I have checked many times.

Flights of Wonder did not have FP so I would be surprised if this one did.

e-mail webmaster@touringplans.com about this - they are usually pretty quick about resolving these sorts of issues.

Except that @TeamEvansGo said they already have one booked … :wink:

Gotcha. I have never attempted to add it as a FP. I misunderstood and thought you meant that it wasn’t listed as an attraction at all.

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The show is already there for me. I’m shocked they are doing FPP for it.