When will FPP come back?

I’ll admit to being a lot out of the loop on actual Disney / UOR stuff, despite reading this forum a lot, but I’m curious if anyone knows when FPP might return. Educated guesses welcome. I just can’t imagine doing WDW without FPP, especially since crowds will be returning. I’ve managed 3 week long trips during the past 8 yrs and rarely waited longer than 20 min for something b/c of using all our FPP and then getting 4th and more FP. I’d love to start planning a future trip but don’t want to scrap all the planning if FP doesn’t return.

General consensus that I’m seeing is that is that though many are eager, it seems Disney won’t be bringing it back as it was. Fastpass signage has been removed from some rides (es KS and SM). There has been a long-standing theory that WDW would monetize FPP at some point (DLR of course already did).

Then there is that some social distancing is still required. Which means not having people stand in side-by-side lines. So, no using the fast pass line. If you see people on it, it is for DAS and they don’t stand in line.

Look on the bright side though. When no one has a fast pass, the standby lines move quicker. Minimizing the standby lines is where optimized touring plan really shines.

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This is a interesting conversation over on WDW Lines chat right now-

Patent for virtual queue rumors.

Chat link- just ask and the thread will be bumped for you- http://m.touringplans.com/wdw#_index

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