When Will "Find Disney World Ticket Discounts and Compare Prices" link work again?

When using the link, all you get is WDW output no Undercover Tourist, etc.

Any info when the Find Disney World Ticket Discounts and Compare Prices link work as it always has?

Where are you trying to access it from? I just tried it from the app and this was my search results:

Right now you can’t get tickety-only pricing info beyond 12/31 for WDW tickets so that’s probably the issue.

It’s frustrating because one can deduce the cost of the tickets by adding them in a package but you can’t see it just by looking to buy tickets only.

Yes, me too. I just tried it from the website and got results including several3rd party sellers.

This is the link I used:


I searched for June and got WDW prices too. :woman_shrugging:

Here’s my results:

That’s odd because if you try to buy tickets beyond 12/31 you… can’t.

Wait. I just went to the site and I can see it this morning. Just last night I could not, and Saturday night a whole bunch of us Disney-types were trying to and couldn’t. I was working on something and needed that info. Would have been nice to have it then and not now!

You can but there are two separate links on the Disney site. One for 2020 and one for 2021.


Right. But not on a certain other disney site that I was using :wink:

I had to go through the TP link and then the menu on their site. If you scroll down the calendar goes into 2021.

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OK I’ll just say it I was on the TA site


Have I mentioned that for that money I will purchase two Universal Premier Passes?

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