When will fastpass return

When will fastpass return?

Hopefully never. But that isn’t likely. But we have not gotten any indicator from Disney if/when/how it will return. But I enjoyed our trips so much more without FP.


I hearted your comment, despite you wishes ;). I HATE FP!!!

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I’m hoping for April, but that seems highly unlikely. I like fast pass, but that might be based on how we hit the parks. Rope drop, start fast passes around 10, finish around 1 or 2, back to hotel pool to relax and avoid the hottest most crowded times.


Likely not until social distancing is a thing of the past.

The FP lines pass too close to the stand-by lines in most cases to allow for it. It works OK for now because there are so few people using the FP line that they can walk straight through. (DAS, child swap, Club 33 and “recovery” FPs are the only ones using those lines.


I love them too. It helps to hit the big rides with little wait time. I takes some planning but makes for a pleasant trip. I hope they are back before May. When I went in December I had to wait for at least 45 minutes for the jungle cruise. I have never waited that long before. Usually my longest wait for any ride is 20-30 minutes.


The longer waits on some rides like Jungle Cruise really isn’t because of lack of FP, but due to reduced ride capacity.

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My question is when will they bring back Extra Magic Hours? We are staying at Boardwalk Villas for spring break. With the cost of on-site hotels, I wish there were a few more perks to staying on property than just the convenience of transportation and proximity to the parks.


Love FP. Fastpass along with Rope Drop allows you to get so much done in a day. If you know how to use the Fastpass system you can get way more than your original 3. We have had 10 plus on some days. For those of us who only visit once a year or maybe every other year, we need to get the most out of every day we’re there.



Agree hope some on site perks come back soon!

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We are not returning to WDW until FP or some sort of ride reservation system returns. It is way too much money to spend with no guarantee that you will be able to ride the new E ticket attractions without a huge wait. Virtual lines is not a satisfactory substitute, because again, there is no guarantee to will get a place - see Rise of the Resistance where the board passes disappear in seconds.

Also, I know there is a belief that FP doesn’t actually reduce total wait times, but only increases standby by times for other attractions, but this doesn’t consider individual touring plans.

For example, if I only want to go to MK for lunch and the tour in the afternoon, I could line up FPs for Space, Splash and Big Thunder and then in between hit some minor rides like Philharmagic, teacups and Small World before the evening. There is no way my time in line for those six rides would be the same without FP for the headliners. The anti FP folks always assume the time balances out if you do all the park attractions. This may be true, but many people don’t tour that way.

What about folks who want to just use their FPs and then just eat, shop and see shows. The difference in wait time with FP vs not, would be 2 hours and 45 minutes assuming 15 minute waits for the FP rides verses 60 minute standby line times - and that’s a conservative estimate.


I like FP+ too, it suits the way we like to do the parks.

However there will never be a way to ensure you can ride the E ticket rides without a wait.You may not get an FP for them, then you have no choice but to wait.

The VQ for Rise is needed because of the ride’s unreliability. If they had FPs you still might not get to ride. And for those who want a stand-by only line, like Smuggler’s’ Run, imagine waiting for 4 hrs only for the ride to go down.

Even if they are able to fix the reliability, the fact is it will never have the capacity for everyone to be able to ride it. And your chances of getting an FP for it will be about the same as your chances of getting a BG for it.

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We generally go to WDW for a week and stay on property or at the Swolphin and I have never had an issue getting FPs for in demand rides like SDD or Avatar by the end of the week since you have 60 days plus the reservation window to book. I understand there are no guarantees, but at least you know what you have well before the trip and can set expectations accordingly. Under the current system you have no idea what will be available and how long the wait may be.


Oh I agree, we do too. Actually come to think of it we only had one trip with FP+. But most people don’t have that luxury and many liners weren’t so lucky in getting FoP or MMRR when it opened. And any FP booking for Rise would be just as bad as the BG booking, gone in seconds.

As for the wait, that’s what the Lines app is for. :wink:

It would be interesting to see what lines looked like if social distancing was gone but then FP didn’t return for a bit. I feel like comparing lines now w/o FP doesn’t give a true feel for what the parks would feel like without FP and rides operating at 100% capacity.

I really hope they at least revamp the FP system. Charge for them and make them all day/anytime a la Universal. I loved not being tied down to all of the FP windows last month.

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Though of course they do give them for free at UOR if you stay deluxe.

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That’s what Club Level FP were for.

We won’t go back until a similar ticket is available. Like @Bethhampton and @rizzog100 we come too far and spend to much to wait around for a ride, plus medical issues & stamina come into play.

I frankly won’t come back until there is something similar. That’s why the Galactic Starcruiser appeals to me.

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I can’t make that kind of bold statement. :joy: I mean, I’m sure there will be fastpasses in some guise eventually. And I will actually be upset if it is purely MaxPass where you have to be in the park to get one. But I can’t rule out coming back, I’ll just use all the liner tips for whatever system is in place.

Of course, there’s always the chance that DH or I won’t manage the transatlantic flight. Or that we can’t afford to come back. But I need to believe I’ll be back for at least 2 more trips.


I do agree with you. Our family with little kids, FP was so important for rides with long waits, then we added in short wait rides and food in between.

I do hope something comes back, and I will pay to not stand in line.

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