When to upgrade?

Newbie here, travelling in September. If 8 PM arrival at BWI, should I go to Epcot that night to upgrade to AP, or wait until the next morning? Is it worth using a day on a visit that would only be a few hours?

If you have a meal planned it might be worth it because you can get the AP discount. But as to using a days visit? When you have an AP there’s no such thing anymore to worry about :wink::wink:


As soon as I submitted the question, I realized that the number of days no longer mattered. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:Thanks for the gentle redirection.


Is it worth it to get a annual pass if you just go once a year. We go for two weeks at a time and do eat TS and QS meals each day with no meal plan. We do buy other Disney items on occasion so would that make up the difference with these discounts?

If you just want to upgrade you don’t need to enter the park. They can do the upgrade at the IG.

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You need I believer 10+ park days to simply break even on the AP. Discounts are decent but not sure it’s reason enough to go AP without at least that many park days planned. It sounds like you would be on the cusp of it being worth it.


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