When to stop planning

I can’t stop making touring plans and adjusting dining reservations. My FastPass window is still 30 days away. I can’t tell if I’m going crazy or enjoying myself :joy:

When do you stop planning your trip?


When it’s over.



This was me as well. I must admit I got tired of planning about two weeks before our flight. Just counting days now. :grinning:


I’m 6 days out and still making adjustments!

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I “try” to stop when I get on the plane. :slight_smile:


It’s become my wind down activity at night after I put the kids in bed. Snuggle down with my laptop and see what kind of day I can make. I think it’s making my husband nervous, like why is this taking so much time and is it really worth it.


But also I think it’s showing me that there are lots of ways to make this work so if things don’t go as planned we will be able to recover.


I’m 11 days away from my FP day and have nothing to do (except cruise the forums)…I’m happy to get into FP and work on optimizing our plans.

I’m sure it will all get thrown into turmoil when they either change the ROTR system or when MMRR opens. Then I can obsess over planning anew!

Agree with what everyone said. I’m just glad my wife is on board. I’ll sit down at night and tinker, come up with contingency plans. I’m currently compiling all my printouts in a 3 ring binder. I watch Disney Food Blog a lot, and AJ just released her 2020 Snacks You Can’t Miss, so I watched that video, printed the PDF and inserted that into our binder.

It’s our first trip, but I just want to get to the point that if someone needs to go to the bathroom in Adventureland, I know where to go. If someone wants a snack in Hollywood Studios, here is where we go. I plan on re-printing all my touring plans the morning that we leave for the airport and then I’ll be “mostly” done, but there are always same day fast passes, trying to snag that last minute SDD FP+. Also, I may do a dry run of packing our carry on and our in-park back pack.

I feel really good about our ADR’s, so I’m not sure I’m going to change anything else with that.

Hope this helps.




I think it really depends if you enjoy planning itself, if you do, then you just need to stop when it stops feeling fun. In my case that means I am in this forum even though I don’t plan on going to WDW any time soon :laughing:

I do think planning suffers from diminishing returns, after you already have a touring plan, know your FPs, where you intend to eat and know how to work the FP system, putting more hours into planning might improve your trip, but it won’t make it that much better. It also won’t make it any worse, so the first point still stands.




I don’t even know where to begin on fastpasses! We have a 4yo who I have no idea how into rides she’ll be and 2 21mo who will no doubt love everything, but won’t obviously be big enough for some of it. Then there is my husband who is not into rollercoasters, but I’m hoping I’ll be able to talk him into joining me for some, my mom who loves rides but has some restrictions because of a back surgery, and my MIL who is very wishy washy about most things. And I don’t care for VR or motion simulated rides. We are ignoring Star Wars for this trip. No one who will be with us cares enough to make it worth the hassle. I don’t think MMRR will be open when were there either (April 19-25).

I’m thinking I should mostly ignore the big (in size, not necessarily popularity) rides for fast passes and focus on things that all 7 of us can enjoy (but what even is that) then try to pick up day of fastpasses or do single rider where available for the things that only 1-3 of us want to do.

Anyway, you can see why I keep doing things over and over…like what if the 4yo loves thrill rides (she’s tall so will be able to do everything except the few that are 48”+)…what if she hates them. Will they like the characters or be scared of them? What if they sleep in or take extra long naps? No way to know, better plan for it all, just in case!

Oh my gosh, we haven’t even been yet and my sister in law is literally still in the hospital with her brand new babies and I’m texting her like, we should all go together for the Christmas before they turn 3! :see_no_evil:


It opens in March, actually.

Oh great. Ok. Where is this one again? Clearly I still have work to do :laughing:

Hollywood Studios, in the Chinese Theater.

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I just got back from six days with DH who prefers VR to roller coasters (opposite of me), DD4 who was willing to try roller coasters and soured from the second 7DMT started, and DS1 who was fine on everything he could go on.

I’d say you still want to try for the hard to get FPs because it’s near impossible to get them otherwise (though I was able to get FoP and SDD for same day drops - but they were gone within a minute and I hesitated). A lot of the “whole family can ride” rides will have availability up until day of.

I’d suggest testing your 4yo with a ride or two on day 1 and push your bigger ride FPs to end of your trip so you have time to change/adjust if s/he doesn’t like them.

You can also use single rider lines for something like Everest if the rest of your crew wants a break in the Boneyard and you want to skip away for a few.

I got DH to ride 7DMT and that was fine for him but I did SDD solo. Also, I know you’re not into motion simulators - neither am I - but the technology has really improved and I find they’re actually enjoyable for me these days - Millennium Falcon was actually my favorite ride this trip.

In the end, I took advantage of some things where I made sure we stuck to plans (EMM, Tony’s parade package, etc), and I had afternoon plans too but recognized that I needed to be willing to throw it all out based on mood, unexpected potty breaks, the heat, etc.

I’d make a list of the four or five things you really want to do every day and ensure you have a plan for those. Then craft other things around those that you’d be willing to either totally scrap or rearrange once you get there.


I feel like I have seen a list of these somewhere before. Anyone know where that might have been?