When to ride 7DMT

My sister has never been on 7DMT and I’m trying to figure out when the best time for us to ride it is. We’ll only be in MK for MNSSHP on 9/1 and then sometime the night of 9/3. So our options are: 1) ride during MNSSHP (I did this during the one party I went to in 2017 and think we waited maybe 25ish minutes? If the wait was similar would consider doing this again); 2) get in line before park close on 9/3 after HEA; or 3) suck it up and pay for an ILL (if doing this, should it be before the party or on 9/3?). I’m hesitant to pay for an ILL because we’re already planning on getting one for Tron and also G+, but if it’s that or wait forever in the heat, I can be easily swayed. What would you do?!


Are you planning to stay at the party until Midnight? A number of years ago I got in line shortly before Midnight and only waited about 20 minutes. Obviously no guarantees that would be the case now, but that is what I would try if you prefer to avoid paying for ILL.


Rope drop, during the fireworks, or park close. They tend to over inflate the wait times for the latter two, so keep this in mind. Upon arrival of the ride- if you can’t see any of the line outside the building - it’s a short wait.


Agree that during Fireworks and Park close the line goes faster than what is posted.


You could plan to try to ride during the party in 9/1, and if for whatever reason it doesn’t work, you could buy an ILL for 9/3.

That’s what I would do :woman_shrugging:

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