When to Queue for Skyliner Question - Pop to DHS

Hey everyone, I’m finally staying at a resort with a skyliner connection, Pop Century! I’m wondering what time we should queue up to rope drop DHS. The day we are going DHS is a 1 out of 10 on the crowd calendar.


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Between 7:30 and 8.

Yesterday I got in line at 7:30. The skyliner to CRB was running. At CRB I had to wait for the DHS line to start. Once it started and we got to DHS everyone was queued to wait for temp screenings. They started letting people in around 8:15. I did MMRR first. By 8:35 I was in line for star tours and was off smugglers run at park open.

Monday this week was similar but running a drop later and no extra queuing.


What time was rope drop yesterday? 9?
This will be helpful information for a related question I recently had

8:15 they were letting people in.


Ok WOW! Thanks!

Right. But what was published rope drop time? 9??

Yes, 9am. I was able to find on the TP website.



Thanks, I was being lazy. I appreciate you doing the work I didn’t feel like doing :wink:


Oh I think of rope drop time as earlier than park entry.

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I owe you for all the times you have looked something up for me!

There’s no looking it up. It’s all right up here.

but fair enough. We’re even :wink: