When to purchase tickets for Spring Break Trip

Hi! We have a trip coming up for Spring Break. We are going to Disney for 4 days, and will be at Universal for 1 or 2. Week of March 21-27. Do I need to purchase my tickets now or am I safe to wait until we get to Orlando and know for sure which day we want to go. I think we will go to UOR on Wednesday, March 24th, but I can’t say for sure yet. Any chance the park will sell out in advance? Should I go ahead and purchase tickets now?

And if I buy from Undercover, can I link them in the UOR app somehow?


Universal wont’ ‘sell’ out but it can fill to capacity; only Disney is using a park reservation system right now. I’d get there as early as possible to get into the parks at Universal to ensure entrance.


Buy the ticket once you figure out which day but buy it online, not at the gate.


Will you be staying onsite while at Universal? That gets you Early Admission. It will be super-busy for your time. How you guarantee admission is to have Early Admission and use it.

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