When to purchase park tickets?

My trip is in May (284 days from now to be exact) and I am wondering when is the best time to buy tickets?

Should I buy them now in case the rates go up? Or if the rates go up, will I have to pay the difference when I activate them (that sounds weird, but maybe it happens).

Or does it not matter at all and I should get them closer to the trip? (In case it matters, I think I am getting 7 day park hoppers).


Since they don’t expire until 14 days after first use, I’d go ahead and buy them. If you cancel or postpone the trip, it won’t matter, but if prices increase, you’ll be kicking yourself. Once you purchase, you won’t have to pay more if rates increase.

Def but ASAP. Ticket prices only go in one direction (up)

Occasionally you will see a great ticket deal, but they are few and far between, and the might not be for the type/duration of tickets that you need. If you have the cash on hand, use the TP Ticket Calculator find the best deal now and buy your tickets http://touringplans.com/walt-disney-world/ticket-calculator