When to look at menus again?

When I originally chose our restaurants (mostly QS), I looked carefully at all the menus since DH and DS2 are both picky eaters. Naturally, a lot of those menus have been changed between now and then, so I need to look again and redo my budget. (I’d also like to have our food mostly chosen to save time ordering.) We’re at 74 days to our trip now. How much longer should I wait before I look at menus again and choose what I think we’ll order?

Menus changed a week before our trip and we had no idea until we went to order. We were quite disappointed in our R&C meal when they told us the steak was pulled off the menu right before our trip. If you are just wanting to know what to order before you get there, look the night before or the morning of. As far as your budget, I would estimate a little high based on current prices. If you have extra left over, great! You can save it for a future trip or use it towards souvenirs.

Edited to add that mobile ordering helps to save time as well for QS meals.

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I look at the posted menus as being “representative”, not cut in stone. They are good for getting a rough price point and give you an idea of what is available, but I never make decisions about specific meals until I get there - especially for QS. The nice thing about QS dining is that if you get there and don’t like what you see, you can always just go somewhere else…

I have a few picky eaters including my husband!
My first step is to look at menus and if I can’t find something for my kids and husband then I will cross it off. If I do find a place where they will eat I put it on my list with a notation of the lowest priced meal and highest price meal. About a week away I will go back to the ones we liked and make a few selections that I think everyone will enjoy and note the price. Then I put that info on my Touring Plan. I include every QS that interests us because I never know if someone might change their minds and I want to have a backup so I’m not on my phone checking out menus.

Thank you, everyone! @desire499mike I love the idea of adding some options to the TP! We’re hoping to share meals often so I’d love to have it figured all out ahead of time, but obviously as @Alewis678 said, they might make changes right before our trip.

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