When to leave to beat the post-fireworks exodus?

In the midst of planning a re-re-re-re-rescheduled trip from March 2020 for this coming late March/beginning of April. We have two MK days, the second with a fireworks dessert party. Consequently, on our first MK day, I’d like to get out of the park and back on a bus to POR before the fireworks crowd departs. It’s a 9pm park close/9pm fireworks night.

What time should we be planning to be at MK park entrance/exit to be able to grab a bus? We want to get an early night so we can RD AK the next morning. Thanks!

I’d leave by 8-8:30 to avoid any difficulty in exiting. Alternatively, if you choose to stay a litle longer make your way from the hub to town square by entering the emporium building at casey’s and following it all the way out.

But you’ll have the least headache by heading out between 8-830


my take with very limited experience:

In theory you can watch part of the show and leave just before the end and still catch transportation before most of the crowds. I’ve done this a few times - hung out at the Emporium before 9, went outside to watch from the Main St square and left during the last song and have been able to catch transportation fine. Once I left maybe 3 minutes before ending, walked onto a nearly empty bus and took off just before the masses flooded out of the gates. But there are of course a number of factors here from crowd level to bus timing etc… If you have to wait for the bus it’ll definitely be packed.

But, if you want to be out and on your way before the show, then 8.30 should be fine imo


I second this. On nights when we didnt want to do fireworks, we would go through the shops around 30 mins before fireworks start and be out the park with in 10 mins. Sometimes the shops are crowed at that time though.

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Travelling companions last night (first timers), were like why is everyone leaving, the Fireworks are about to begin :joy: (we were returning to the park for Fireworks & end of night rides)

I’m like I do it all the time…normally. It’s too crowded.


If ya don’t care about having the best seat in the house, and you want to watch most of the show, find a spot in the overflow area (next to the plaza restaurant) and wait until tink flies.

Once she does, get outta dodge and you should be near first in line for everything except maybe the express monorail. But I would say take the ferry if you’re going to the ttc anyway.

But since you’re going for the bus, should be no issue.

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