When to have groceries delivered

We arrive at 5:30 pm and plan to head straight to parks after a quick stop at our room. Trying to decide when to have garden grocer deliver, that night or next morning?
Will bell services bring to our room if we have done early check in but haven’t made it to room yet? Or does it hang in bell service regardless till you pick up? Thx

When I was at SSR I had to be in my room for them to deliver my groceries.

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With garden grocer?

Other than you tagged cases and DVC grocery orders, I think the rule is you have to be in your room before they will deliver. But Bell Services will keep things chilled / frozen until you either collect it or phone down.


Yes with Garden Grocer. Bell Services would be open at night when you return to your room. I️ would have it delivered to Bell Services on arrival day and call when you get to your room that night.

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This is correct.