When to Go Where to Stay

I’m a big Disney fan but my boyfriend a veteran with a disability isn’t. He hates heat and crowds and from our last trip the buses. He’s 67 and retired - and I’m 68 a Disney fan and still working. And a cheapskate. I’ve narrowed it down to November 6-10 or 13-17 or first week in December. Pop Century or Shades of Green or Dolphin - the latter I can get for $225 a night(!) from my work. Did I say his niece is a dear friend of Minnie Mouse? Any recommendations? I’m leaning toward Pop Century myself unless he wants to do Tron (the 6 PM virtual queue for the last 2 gets a night time run).

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Do you have any interest in the extended evening hours? Later nights - fewer crowds - lower temps (https://disneyworld.disney.go.com/guest-services/extended-evening/). If so, I would stick to Dolphin or SoG!

I would go with the Deluxe in November. The closer it is to Christmas the crowds get worse.

I agree with @NervousRex about the deluxe extended hours (if they keep them) and staying at SoG. The rooms there are bigger at SoG than any WDW room. Pop would not work for a disability that required space because they have queen beds in rooms that were designed for doubles.

His disability is hearing loss - I should have said. We stay in small rooms when we travel - earlier trips we went to All Star Sports. He expressed interest in going on Tron - so Shades of Green or Dolphin it is. Shades of Green isn’t available the first week in November, however.

Are there parks you don’t plan on visiting, or going to more than once/hopping? If busses were a complaint, I wouldn’t discount Pop. Skyliner access to 2 parks is a game changer. Dolphin offers a similar advantage with walking/boat.

Shades of Green is walking distance to Poly. Veteran ticket package is… $400 plus tax Park Hopper Plus 5 days. 5 days and water parks if it gets too hot. We don’t need the space of Shades of Green. I originally wanted Pop but Pop doesn’t have extended evening hours - for the best time to ride Tron.

I love SoG, and the only reason I wouldn’t pick it is if it wasn’t available or if I got a stellar deal at WL, which is my other favorite. I like the peaceful vibe and the location. I’ve never had an issue with the buses there, and we walk to the Poly for the monorail.

Shades, no question! Especially if Tron/MK extended evening is a priority. It’s a great resort, so cheap for what you get. Plus, convenient to transportation (having both Shades and Disney transport available).

I just saw a notice that the walkway won’t be accessible starting 5/1/23.

We got an email yesterday :frowning: sounds like they are working on the road that runs between SoG and Poly up to GF, so it’s not going to be walkable.

They are running extra buses to the TTC to make up for it (and they have their own buses that go to each park), but it’s definitely a bummer. No indication how long it will be, but we got an email and we’re staying mid-June, so at least a couple months?

Not the first week of November!! Will be crazy crowded because of jersey week

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SoG’s comments on its Facebook page post indicate the change is permanent.

Oh, man. That just sucks.

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@seggerman_703733 My DH is “WDW Tolerant.” He goes only because we want to take the kids. The two things that have helped him enjoy trips more is 1) staying where we can walk to/from our hotel and 2) lounges. We do shorter trips and stay in the Epcot resort area. Being able to avoid lines and waiting for transportation for HS and EP makes a few days of busses for the other parks more tolerable.

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That really sucks. We’re going in October and were counting on that.

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Thank you one and all for your advice wisdom and experience. Shades of Green is running a sale - and if I can book for 3rd week in October I’ll do Sunday through Tuesday at Pop Century then Shades of Green Wednesday and Thursday. If we can’t get the discount then second week November same deal. I’ll rent a car for the week - Hertz has a deal through my work (real estate / corporate location firm). I suspect we will head to the water park(s) a lot - military discount is $400 (!) for 5 days everything. With $750 Disney Target gift cards. Booking this week - taxes be &^%$&ed.


Heads up: SoG has resort guest parking fees. Maybe they dropped them when WDW resorts dropped theirs? Maybe there is some way to check. And they are permanently closing the walking path from SoG to the Poly (can’t remember the date).,

Update - booked 2 nights November 13-15 Pop Century 2 nights 15-17 Shades of Green
rent a car
fly out Saturday to Saturday
cheap hotels other 3 nights
all we need to do is drive to New London or Groton one morning to get our Military Salute tickets