When to get tickets?

We plan on going October 2015…do you think it would be too early to get them in the next few months? They don’t expire until you use them correct?

I am going in October as well, and just Monday I got my tickets in the mail from Undercover Tourist. I needed them to be able to book my fpp’s 60 days in advance as I will be on Disney property.

LOL just saw 2015!! No you can buy them now. Don’t link them or enter the rf number yet, but yes if you can buy them before any price hikes.

You have 14 days from day of first use to use the passes, unless it is a annual pass.

awesome thanks! Yeah I will deff be trying to buy them before another price hike!!

Be careful! If you are staying on property and trying to get a free dining promotion, they usually require purchasing at least a 2 day ticket as part of the package. So you may end up buying more days than you need and then wasting them, which well negate any savings you had.

If you buy a five day ticket ahead of a price increase and then later on decide you want to add on and make it a 7 day ticket, how do they determine the add on amount?

I would assume it would be based on the new ticket prices, so the difference of a 5 day ticket and a 7 day ticket at current prices, but this is an assumption

Thanks! We will only be staying on site for 2 days so we won’t be trying for free dining.

If I’m already in a package for 2015 and prices go up will my package change or am I locked in?

I believe @Mr_Itty has said that it will stay the same as long as you don’t make changes to it.

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