When to eat during MVMCP

We r going to MVMCP on December 3. So far we have plans for 1900 fare at 1145am and figure that it’s a good meal to hold us for a while.Any Ideas on how to plan a meal for some typ of dinner without missing too much of the party ?

So your TS meal isn’t during the party. You are fine there. They give out “free” cookies and hot chocolate, as well as a few other things. It’s all AMAZING. I’m not an Egg Nog drinker, but it was really good. Seriously, the hot chocolate is probably the best I’ve ever had. It’s like a factory too, in that they have it down to an art. Get a QS meal or a snack around 4 and you should be good to go with the “free” snacks.

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Agree with @jason.darnell1976 - do not waste party time that you have spent additional money for. Instead, get a QS meal sometime between 4:00 and party start time.

Have any suggestions for quick service?? Never eaten at any

Columbia Harbor House is a favorite of many. They have chicken strips, fried shrimp, etc. It’s not great food, but it’s decent and since it’s QS, it isn’t too expensive.

I’ve seen that too. I’ve also seen that they have a second level seating area that’s less crowded. Do u know if it’s stairs only or if there is an elevator. My husband can walk but uses a crutch and will be in an ECV

I didn’t see an elevator, but someone else may have.