When to do Unplanned Character M&G for Least Disruption in Touring Plan

Good morning! While building my custom touring plans, I’ve noticed that not all character meet and greets are available to select to be computed in the Touring Plan - Merida at MK, Wreck-It Ralph at Epcot, to name a few. Generally speaking, when would you suggest visiting these characters for the least disruption in the TP schedule? I’m assuming first thing in the morning (or as soon as that character comes out, if they’re not out all day), but wanted to make sure before I end up throwing off the effectiveness of the plan by deviating from it too much. Thanks!

Only characters that have an “official” queue are listed in the TP. While Merida, Ralph & etc… are regular characters they often have to take more breaks than the M&Gs with a queue. (I won’t spoil the Magic to explain why)

Have you tried looking at something like Laughing Place to get better times for M&Gs?

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For Merida, definitely at RD. She doesn’t come out till 9.15 but you want to be first in line if possible because she spends quite a bit of time with each group.


We did a few character meets first thing or nearly first thing in the morning and we were either first in line or only a handful of people in front of us. The only longer wait we had was Merida because we lined up 20 to 25 minutes ahead of time to be first in line. By the time the meet opened there were enough people behind us that it was probably a 30 minute wait at the end of the line.


Thanks so much, everyone!

If one of these characters are about to leave for a break, are they good about cutting off the line? I’m a Disneyland regular, and in my experience, on the Disneyland side, they are pretty good about restricting more people from lining up if the character will be leaving soon. On the California Adventure, you could wait in line for 20 minutes only for the character to leave by the time you got near the front. Just want to prepare myself for what to expect! Thanks!

ETA: Thanks for the Laughing Place link! I thought I’d seen all the sites, but hadn’t come across that one yet!

There were at Epcot when I was visiting princesses.

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