When to do room request for DVC

Kinda piggy backing off that other thread.

For members(not renters), when should we be requesting a room by phone/chat to best ensure we get the room we’re after? Still wait until the 5 days? Earlier?

Are you going to request a specific room? I called months before my trip to request an upper floor. At Copper Creek all I cared about was a balcony. It was very strange though. I noticed they put in that I was arriving after midnight. It took me three tries to correct that.

Yeah, a specific room. I’ll also put a note in there that if I can’t get that exact room, a room with the same parameters on another floor.

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I just remembered- they made a kinda big deal about it being “a request but not guaranteed”.

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For my reservation in June, I requested the area that I wanted when I made my original reservation. We’ll see what happens. When we went two years ago, I used the TP room request and they had no record of it when I checked in. I ended up where I wanted due to the very help CM checking us in but it stressed me out!

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Yup that’s fine. I was just hoping to score one of those sweet “lakeside but really a theme park” view rooms.

Hehe having slight flashbacks to my room in 1990. (Stupid boring sand docked boat… DO SOMETHING OUT THERE!)

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Are you requesting a BLT studio? Will you PM me the room number ? I am staying there in August. It is my next trip .

studio? We had one on the 14th floor, technically lake but full theme park view.
The catch with those is they are about the longest walk from the elevators. But, really worth it for that view.

Do you remember the general room number?

Edited to add: it will be after a 4 night cruise. We will need the steps!

I know it precisely! I tagged pics on the room finder.
Room 8406

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Thanks! I appreciate it!

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