When to check for additional room availability

We have a booking for.garden view at the Beach Club in February, as it was the only option available when we booked. We’d love to upgrade to water view if possible. I know that package cancellations are at 45 days and room only at 5 days, which are good for checking for additional rooms, but I seem to remember reading about other days where some travel agents ‘returned’ rooms that they had blocked off. Does anyone know when that date is?

I’ve never heard of such a thing.

I would, very honestly, check at least daily. Room availability very fluid and can change by the minute.

I thought packages are cancelled by day 30?

Are you thinking about holds? I know that sometimes rooms can be held for three days?

Oh! Yes this!

That is a very short lived thing and could contribute to the fluidity of availability on an ongoing basis asker is, as mentioned, just a 3 day hold. So whenever new specials are offered they will often get gobbled up immediately and then become more available three days later.

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