When to book June flights?

Anyone have insight. I know conventional wisdom was 1-3 months out. Flights are not cheap and hoping they do go down but from what I’ve read recently they may. It. And I’m worried with the predicted fuel and energy surge this winter prices will just go up. Should I at least wait until Se releases prices on 10/28 - not flying with them since no direct flights. June 22-July 2 so technically returning over holiday weekend now.

Someone mentioned the Hopper app to monitor prices. We go the 17th-27th, previous years I wait until at least February to purchase. Never through 3rd party because those are the first people to get bumped also.

I use Hopper but I’m just so scared prices are going to go up and not down.

You will see a ton of volatility until a few weeks out from the flight. I wouldn’t even think about buying flights now.

Just worried about rising gas prices and inflation making trends abnormal.

I don’t have my flights for November yet. They have been extraordinarily high for month and have just started to come down now.

If you’re comfortable with the price I’d buy it, but then I wouldn’t keep checking bc I think you’d be disappointed you didn’t wait.

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Oh wow. That’s what I reading - they didn’t seem to come down. And I checked flights about a month out and they still were only slightly cheaper.

I checked your dates from my airport and it was over $100 more than my November flight which is about $75 overpriced right now.

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Thanks. Good to know.