When to book hotels/tickets

We’re doing a split Universal/Disney trip 5/25-6/2. We (family of 5 - kids 17/15/11) booked the Disney resort with the discounts this week but wondering a few things:

Plan is to fly Saturday 5/25 and stay Universal on-site thru 5/28. Tentative idea:
5/25 - Cabana Bay family suite
5/26 - walk to Volcano Bay
5/26 - check into HRH for UXP for 5/26 & 5/27
5/27 - head to WDW later in day.

Questions - when to book Cabana Bay and HRH? HRH price hasn’t changed since November ($582). Cabana $10 increase in January ($780 for 2 nights).
When to book theme tix? Seems worth getting the buy 2, get 2 even tho we won’t use four full days.
Okay to buy those via third party like Undercover Tourist to save a few bucks?
Won’t be headed back for a while so not considering an AP. But could it pay save money for hotels to pay for itself on one short trip?

@ryan1 i remember you previously recommending an e-newsletter for discounts but am fuzzy on the details. Undercover Tourist? A specific discount?

If you use the link from the Mousesavers Newsletter to Undercover Tourist, it gives you an additional few dollars off each ticket. Not much, but every little bit helps. Let me see if I have the link handy and I will DM you.

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  1. Book now, Universal allows you to rebook under a lower rate up to a week before your trip. Lock it in now.

  2. Book tickets now as it’s likely after that deal is done there will be some sort of price increase.

  3. Yup.

  4. Do the math on the price difference between the ticket prices and how much you’ll save with dining discounts and hotel discounts (use this link) to compare.


The third party sellers you mentioned are all reputatilble. However, should you have any ticket changes or issues Universal won’t help you. It doesn’t happen often & if you are 100% certain about your travel dates then you can save a few dollars :money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face:


Great thoughts. Thanks everybody! Time to get booking!

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