When to book DCL?

Are the prices for DCL consistent across time? Less expensive to book early? Book last-minute?

The lowest rates are always opening day and early on. DCL doesn’t generally do “sales” like other lines do (in quotes because with other lines they really aren’t sales…the prices are usually bumped up and a discount put on them…that keeps it the same rate more or less). They might occasionally have (as they do now) a 50% off your deposit promo or something for Disney+ subscribers with 3rd and 4th people free or at a discount. But that has just been since reopening, and I’d imagine as people get more comfortable with traveling that will become more rare.

They occasionally have Florida Resident specials or general category guarantee cabins (such as IGT (Interior), OGT (Ocean View), VGT (Veranda). BUT those are last minute, must be paid in full at the time of booking AND are non-refundable. I’m not sure about the resident rates (since I’m not one), but the *GT rates do not allow you to select your cabin - and unlike some lines I’ve heard of which allow it, you cannot call and whine about where your cabin is and request another.

Booking as early as possible gives you the best rate AND the best selection of staterooms.


I don’t know if TP still keeps up with this data/how accurate it is, but this was a good resource I used in the past- Disney Cruise Line Fare Tracker

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Rates are cheapest when the cruise first opens. As the ship fills, the prices go up. That being said, I booked the Fantasy for October 2023 on opening day in August and the prices is still the same. I’m guessing the Wish is more popular right now and the prices increase more quickly on it.